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Honors US History 8-18 HST002 Self-Paced (NCAA)

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In the US history course, students explore the intricate history of the United States. The course focuses on several important themes including American culture, immigration, relationships between the US and the outside world and more. Starting with the original society of the Americas, students are taken through an engaging curriculum as they explore primary sources and secondary sources alike to bring them through to modern American society. Students learn about Columbian exchange, European colonization, the Virginia colony and then finish off the first semester with the American Revolution and the establishment of the constitution. Next, students study the FDR administration, followed by the details of WW2 and America’s influence in these. Students also see how America took part in the Korean War. Next, students study the Cold War and Vietnam War, before studying the war with Iraq. The year finishes off with a look at the modern United States and President Obama and Trump.

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