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Earth Science 13-18 SCI005 Self-Paced (NCAA)

  • 52Weeks
  • 16Steps


While most science courses in students’ journeys so far have started with the small and gone up to the big, the earth science course starts with the big and then zooms in to the small. The earth science course begins by looking at the universe as a whole. After this, it zooms in to focus in on our galaxy, then our solar system, and finally – our Earth. The Earth science course spends most of its duration on the Earth itself. Students start by learning about the parts of the earth, before progressing to look at plate tectonics. Next, students look at the involvement of the lithosphere in earthquakes and volcanoes. After this, students actually look at the composition of plates. On the land, students study soil and resources. In the water, students study oceans, fresh water and more. After this, students look at the interactions between water and land, studying weather, erosion and deposition. Next, students begin to look at the life on Earth. Starting with single organisms, students study ecosystem ecology, looking at ecosystem interaction. Students also study how the Earth’s environment has changed, and how in turn there have been changes in which creatures lived on the Earth.

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