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MS Latin I 8-15 WLG001 Self-Paced

  • 52Weeks
  • 71Steps


In the MS Latin I course, students begin a journey through Latin. Although Latin may no longer be spoken, students learn the real-world applications of Latin. Students look at Spanish, French, Italian and German texts and use their knowledge of Latin to help them figure out these languages. As well as this, students study real archaeological texts, translating the Latin. In the Latin course, students work on several extremely important concepts required for learning a language. Students study vocabulary in Latin as well as learning grammar. Latin grammar is extremely logical, so the grammar component is presented in a very logical fashion, allowing students to learn it in a very logical way and use it in translation. As well as this, students continuously practice skills with translation as well as worksheets. Another component of learning Latin, however, is the culture aspect. Throughout the course, students study ancient Roman history and culture, learning about important figures in Roman history as well as the everyday life of the ancient Romans.

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