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AP(R) German Language and Culture WLG100 SelfPaced

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Welcome to the AP(R) German Language and Culture course at the T4N Pinnacle Academy! This challenging and enriching program is designed to immerse students in the German language and culture while preparing them for success in the AP(R) German Language and Culture Exam. In this comprehensive course, students will embark on a linguistic and cultural journey, exploring the rich tapestry of the German-speaking world. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to help students develop their language skills and deepen their understanding of the diverse cultures of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking regions. By the end of this course, students will be well-prepared to take the AP(R) German Language and Culture Exam, earning the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in German and their deep understanding of the associated cultures. This course not only equips students with valuable language skills but also fosters a global perspective and a lifelong appreciation for the German-speaking world.

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