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Physics 8-18 SCI004 Self-Paced (NCAA)

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The honors physics course takes a look at the very general concepts of motion and energy. In the course, students study how and why the objects they have learned about in chemistry move in the way they do. Students start off by looking at motion. With this, they study Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as the various types of forces. Students study motion in many different ways – including circular and rotational motion. Next, students progress to look at work and energy, allowing them to understand machines. After this, students continue to look at energy, although they begin to look specifically at the transfer and storage of thermal energy. Students then look at waves and harmonic motion. They study how electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves work, studying how we see, hear and feel (seismic waves). Students then finish off the course with a look at electricity and magnets. By the end of the course, students also understand the interactions between these two, and the workings of electromagnetism.

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