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Karate 4-18 SPT001 Self-Paced

  • 52Weeks


In this course, students will unwittingly enhance memory skills, discipline, focus, and also explore the importance of respect always for others. As an added bonus, students will be exposed to different techniques found in not just one discipline, but 3--Hawaiian Kenpo, Classical Karate-do, and American Karate. With many years experience training and competing in martial arts, the instructors will lead interactively as they ensure students learn proper punching, kicking, and self defense technique while demonstrating the difference between the fluid movements found in Hawaiian Kenpo, the simplistic beauty found in Japanese classical kata, and the bold changes to martial arts presented in American Karate. This course aims to make the student the star of his or her own show as confidence is built both on and off the mat. No special equipment is required, but some equipment may be recommended as the course curriculum progresses.

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